3 Tips on How to attach motorcycle helmet to backpack (2023)

Helmet is an essential component for every motorcycle rider. For most people, except a few, wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle creates a pleasant feeling of protection. But the feeling of pleasant security is buried beneath the sense of extra work when the ride is over.

Extra work! Yes, the job of securing the helmet or carrying it.

The backpack is the most convenient and hand-free solution to carry the helmet with you anywhere. This article discusses the effective methods of how to attach motorcycle helmet to backpack. These methods will enable you to carry your primary helmet when you off the bike or ride with a spare helmet.

If you are also concerned about securing the helmet, you can read our article on how to secure motorcycle helmet.

Three approaches to Carry a Helmet with a backpack.

1. Accommodate the Helmet Inside the Backpack

The first method for carrying your motorcycle helmet with a backpack is the good old “inside job.” If your backpack has enough room to spare, you can simply place your spare helmet inside it. This way, you can keep your precious headgear protected from scratches and potential mishaps. Just make sure it’s nestled safely and won’t roll around during your journey.

Choose the Right Backpack

Choose the right backpack to accommodate the motorcycle helmet in it.

Find the perfect backpack that matches the dimensions of your motorcycle helmet. A well-fitting backpack that can effortlessly accommodate your helmet will help protect it from scratches and keep it in pristine condition.

Take a look at our collection of lowest profile full face helmets and half face helmets. You can easily find the perfect one to fit inside your backpack.

Use of helmet bag

Before placing the helmet inside the backpack, consider wrapping it in a soft helmet bag to add an extra layer of protection against scratches and impacts. Most helmets come with a helmet bag included when you purchase them, making it convenient to use. 

2. Tie the Motorcycle Helmet to the Backpack Externally

you can tie the helmet to the backpack to attache it.

As are most osprey bags, if your backpack isn’t quite spacious enough to house the spare helmet comfortably, don’t worry! There are some external tying techniques to the rescue. These methods involve securing the helmet on the outside of the backpack, even if it is a small osprey backpack.

Customize Retention System to Any Shoulder Bag

First up, we have the ingenious customization of a retention system to fit any shoulder bag. This method allows you to design a secure setup tailored to your specific backpack. It’s like giving your backpack and helmet their own bespoke tailor!

Cargo Net

The cargo net is the easiest way to carry motorcycle helmet for those who seeking a quick and efficient fix. Just like a spider capturing its prey, you can use the cargo net to ensnare your helmet firmly to the backpack. No bugs involved, promise!

Bungee Net

Similar to the cargo net, the bungee net offers a flexible and stretchy approach to hold in place and carry motorcycle helmet conveniently. It’s like giving your full face helmet or half face helmet a gentle hug, ensuring it stays put throughout your journey.

Specially Featured Motorcycle Helmet Backpack

If you want to take things up a notch, you might consider investing in a specially featured motorcycle helmet backpack. These backpacks come with built-in compartments and securing mechanisms designed specifically for carrying helmets. It’s like having a backpack and a helmet’s love child—designed for each other!

The osprey is a reputable manufacturer of specially designed backpak to carry motorcycle helmet.

3. Hook the Motorcycle Helmet to the Backpack

Now, for those who like to show off their helmet like a fashion statement, the hanging method is the perfect choice. This approach involves attaching the helmet to the backpack and letting it hang there gracefully.

you can use a carabiner or a bungee cord to attach the helmet to the backpack.


For the adventurers and climbers at heart, the carabiner is a trusty companion. Clip your helmet’s chin strap to your backpack using this reliable and sturdy hook. It’s like forging a bond between your helmet and backpack, making them inseparable.

Snap Hook

The snap hook is the quick and easy alternative to the carabiner. Just snap it on, and your helmet will be securely fastened, ready to accompany you on your journey.

S Hook

The S hook offers a twist on the traditional hooking methods. It creates a secure connection, ensuring your helmet won’t go on an unplanned escape mission.

Spring Dog Hook

With the spring dog hook, you can unleash your helmet quickly when needed. It’s like having a trusty guard dog, always on the lookout to protect your helmet.

Cable Lock or Wire Lock

For those concerned about helmet theft, the cable lock or wire lock comes to the rescue. You can loop it through your helmet’s visor opening and attach it to your backpack, adding an extra layer of security. It’s like giving your helmet to a bodyguard!

You can check out several methods of locking the helmet on a motorcycle if you intend to leave the helmet on a motorcycle instead of carrying it.

Bungee Cords

If you crave flexibility and adjustability, the bungee cord is the best friend to carry your helmet. It provides a secure and stretchy connection, giving your helmet the freedom to move while staying close to your motorcycle backpack.

Few More Tips to Hang the Helmet

Before you hit the road, here are a few extra tips to ensure your helmet hangs in there like a pro:

Always double-check that your helmet is securely fastened to the backpack. You wouldn’t want it to go rogue during your ride.

Consider the weight distribution to avoid throwing off your balance while wearing the backpack.

Opt for high-quality hooks and fasteners. You don’t want your helmet to go on an adventure of its own!

Drawbacks of Hanging Helmet to the Backpack

Now, let’s face the music—like any solution, hanging your bike helmet on the backpack has a few downsides too. While it might seem cool and convenient, there are a couple of things to consider:

Weight Distribution: Depending on the size and weight of your helmet, it might throw off the balance and comfort of your backpack.

Wind Resistance: Having your helmet on the outside could increase wind resistance while riding, affecting your aerodynamics.

Helmet Protection: Though some fastening options provide good protection to carry bike helmet, the helmet might still be exposed to dust, rain, or other environmental factors.

Component Depreciation: Hanging the helmet alongside the backpack can potentially cause harm to various components of both the helmet and the bag.

Using helmet lock

If you don’t want to carry your motorcycle helmet after you’re done riding, you don’t need a backpack. You can use something cool called a built-in motorcycle helmet lock. It’s like a special dedicated helmet holder on your bike made just for securing helmets. You can use it to hold an extra helmet or even lock up your main helmet right on the motorcycle. It’s a handy thing to have and no need to carry helmet lock!

you can use a dedicated helmet lock to carry the spare helmet.

Conclusion: how to attach motorcycle helmet to backpack

With the various options of motorcycle helmets backpack attachment at your disposal, you can now ride confidently, knowing your helmet is by your side—literally! Whether you choose to accommodate it inside the backpack, tie it externally, or let it hang stylishly, the decision is yours.

So, go forth, fellow riders, and embark on your adventures with the assurance that your trusty bike helmets are securely fastened and ready for action!


Can I use any backpack for carrying my motorcycle helmets?

Most backpacks can accommodate helmets, but it’s essential to ensure it fits properly and securely. Using a specially designed motorcycle helmet backpack offers additional convenience and protection.

Are the external tying methods safe for the helmet?

Yes, when carried out correctly and with the proper fasteners, the external tying methods are safe and reliable. Just make sure the helmet is adequately secured and won’t hinder your riding experience.

Can I hang my helmet on any type of hook?

While many hooks can be used for this purpose, it’s essential to choose durable and reliable hooks specifically designed for outdoor use and securing equipment.

Are there any drawbacks to hanging the helmet on the backpack?

Yes, there are a few drawbacks, such as potential wind resistance and exposure to external elements. However, these can be minimized by selecting the right fastening method and being mindful of your riding conditions.

Can I still use a cable lock even if I use another fastening method?

Absolutely! Adding a cable lock to your helmet attachment method adds an extra layer of security, especially if you’ll be leaving your bike unattended in public areas. It’s like giving your helmet an extra bodyguard for protection!

How to use helmet holder on motorcycle?

First, locate the helmet holder on your bike. It’s usually near the back, under the seat. Gently place the helmet’s chin strap onto the holder. Make sure the helmet is secure and won’t fall off while riding.

How to carry spare helmet on harley?

You can use a helmet lock or a small bag. If your Harley has a helmet lock, open it and place the spare helmet inside. Close and lock the helmet holder. If you use a bag, find a sturdy bag that fits the helmet. Put the helmet inside and securely close the bag. Then, you can attach the bag to the back seat or saddlebag using straps or hooks.

How to hang helmet on backpack?

Hanging a helmet on a backpack is convenient. Look for helmet hooks or straps on your backpack. Gently slide the helmet’s chin strap onto the hooks or through the straps. Make sure the helmet is balanced and won’t swing too much. This way, you can carry your helmet hands-free while keeping your backpack accessible.

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