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How to secure your motorcycle helmet to your bike (2024)

Motorcycle helmet theft is a serious problem, so you must keep your helmet safe and secure on your motorcycle. When you leave a helmet, unattended thieves will steal it. In this article, I’ll show you how to secure your motorcycle helmet to your bike using one of seven effective methods.
These methods include using a u-lock, cable lock, chain lock, pad lock, built-in motorcycle helmet lock, license plate helmet lock, or gun lock.
This detailed guide explores effective ways to secure helmets. It covers seven valuable methods and by the time you read this article to the end, you will have chosen the best way to secure your motorcycle helmet to your bike. So it won’t be in the hands of criminals.

When should you lock your helmet on your bike?

You can use a motorcycle helmet lock to secure a motorcycle helmet against theft, vandalism, or accidental damage, especially if you ride in an urban area where theft is common. A good helmet lock can cause thieves to fail due to the lack of additional time which they have to spend on helmet locks.

Locking helmet to motorcycle makes it easier to leave the expensive helmet with a bike without fear of theft instead of carrying it with you when you go somewhere in the shopping mall.

When should you not lock your helmet on your bike?Cary helmet with you

In three cases, you should not secure helmet to motorcycle.

  1. When you need to get away from your bike for a long time, don’t lock your helmet with your bike but take your helmet with you. Because the bike thieves can steal your helmet in both cases if it is locked or unlocked with the frame of the bike. Long respite drips the resin of thieves when they find a bike unattended.
  2. In rainy weather, you should not lock your helmet on your bike because traveling with a wet helmet cannot be pleasant for you.
  3. In the areas where bugs and insects are in abundance, you should take your headgear with you because insects will invade your helmet and set themselves to hide inside the helmet padding. So avoid securing helmet to motorcycle

How many places are there for locking helmet to motorcycle?

Riders generally show a reluctance to secure dilapidated old helmets because actually, they want to get rid of the old helmets and are interested in buying a modern one.

If you also have an old helmet and you want to buy a new one then the article “What to do with old motorcycle helmet” can be your best guide to utilize your old motorcycle helmet instead of wearing it.

However, if you have already bought a new helmet, it is important to know the places available on the bike to hook and lock it. You can use one of these positions to secure your helmet.


Handlebars are the most common place where you can lock your helmet by keeping the visor opening. Most riders will have their helmet in this position at all times. It’s the easiest and safest way to hook your helmet, as it keeps you from having to reach down to the ground while riding.

Passenger pegs:

Passenger pegs are the second most popular spot for attaching helmet. Rider with passenger seat often prefer this method because he don’t want to get off his bike to put the helmet on.

On the seat:

Some riders like to keep their helmet on the seat so that they can easily remove them if needed.

On the mirror:motorcycle helmet on the mirror

The mirrors of your motorcycle might be the best place to easily attach and secure your helmet If you own full-face helmet. Just pass the mirror through the chin bar and use a strong cable lock to stick the helmet with the handlebars. You may also lock two helmets to a post or to your bike using a cable lock or padlock. 

What kind of helmet locks are available?

There are many types of common helmet locks and locking method used to protect the head safety gear. You can find a suitable place on your bike to lock your helmet. Most of the people like a user friendly way to lock the helmet. They can attach to the bike’s frame, and tie up to a post or a stationary object.

Several keys and numeric combination locks are available, like chains, pads, cables, and U-shaped security devices. Here are some tips to help you choose the best method for locking helmet to motorcycle.   

1) Use U-Lock 

The most popular type of bicycle lock is the U-shaped lock. This kind of lock uses two bars that cross each other to form a “U” shape. These locks usually come in either a single bar or double-bar design.

Double bar locks are more expensive than single bar locks but provide better security because there are fewer points of failure.

2) Use Cable Lock

A U-shaped lock is the bicycle cable lock. This lock style has a long steel cable that wraps around the entire bike. Unlike the U-shaped locks, which only cover one side of the motorcycle, cable locks cover both sides. These locks are consists of a hard steel cable with a combination lock or a key lock mechanism. 

Cable type lock  is effortless to use and install. Cable locks are great for locking helmet to motorcycle, trees, posts, racks, or other stationary objects with the help of a key or combination code.

3) Go for a Motorcycle Chain Lock

These locks are another option for locking your helmet. This type of lock is made of heavy-duty steel and comes in various lengths, and they are strong enough to hold even large motorcycles securely.

motorcycle chain lock

Chain locks are often used to secure small children’s bikes. You can use a chain lock to secure the helmet if you have already purchased it. But they are not recommended to lock the helmets due to their weight. These locks have less space to pass through the helmet and a part of the motorcycle or a post. 

4) Use Padlock

Padlocks are the least commonly used type and are generally used to secure briefcases, luggage, and storage boxes. You can use it to secure your helmet.

Padlocks are inexpensive and easy to use. Just slide the shackle into place and turn the lock until it clicks into position. Once the helmet is secured, you pull the handle to open it.

There are many different kinds of padlocks available to secure your helmet. Most of them are rated according to their strength. For example, some padlocks will only allow opening after turning a specific number of turns, and others may require you to turn a certain amount of turns before the lock opens. 

It’s best to choose a padlock that meets your needs. A high-strength padlock is ideal for securing a new motorcycle helmet.

5) Use Built in Motorcycle Helmet lock

Kuryakyn helmets can be called the biker’s choice motorcycle helmet lock legitimately, and these are one of the most common types of helmet locks to mount with bike frame. 

Built in motorcycle lock consist of a metal cylindrical lock machine that fits the bike with 1-way tamper-proof screws. A motorcycle helmet lock can be mounted over or below the seat depending on the bike frame size. The helmet strap connects the ring to the lock. 

Most manufacturers provide a built-in motorcycle lock to secure the helmet. It is good if your bike has this helmet lock; if not, you can easily mount it to its handlebar or on the frame of your bike.

6) Adopt a License Plate Helmet Lock

This lock is very similar to the Kuryakyn or built-in helmet lock, but the only difference is the point of installation. It has slotted holes, making it easy to align with the license plate mounting holes. You can mount these helmet locks to the motorcycle’s license plate with tamper-proof mounting screws. 

The lock can be open only with the special key wrench provided with the lock. The manufacturer mounted the lock mechanism on an L-shaped plate. 

This design keeps the helmet inclined away from the body of the motorcycle when parked on the side stand. This design offers a scratch-less locking position of the helmet.

7) Utilize a Gun Lock or Pistol Lock for the helmet

Gun Locks are basically designed to secure different types of handheld weapons like revolvers, pistols and guns.

These locks are also known as pistol locks. There are several types of gun locks. Gun safes, gun cabinets, or safe deposit boxes are also used to secure the weapons. Some are very simple and cheap, while others are more complex and expensive.

But most people do not use them for this purpose and put them into the trash in the store. You can use a spare gunlock to secure the helmet with a motorcycle if you find it thrown uselessly. 

How are pistols locked to prevent their unrighteous use?

The method to lock the gun is similar to the bicycle cable lock. First of all, detach the magazine from the slot. Secondly, it is essential to ensure that the chamber is empty. Pass the lock wire through the magazine slot and pull it out of the bullet ejection while keeping the slide backward.   

The disadvantage of the gunlocks while using them as a helmet lock is that they are short in length and provide space just enough to cross through the chin guard. There is a risk of scratches on the helmet whiles using a gunlock and D-Ring to secure it.

How to secure an open-face helmet to a motorcycle?

How to lock helmet to motorcycle? While there are multiple locking methods available for full-face motorcycle helmets, the options are fewer when it comes to open-face or half helmets. Safeguarding your property might require some creative thinking.

Nothing specifically available to lock up the open-face helmet instead of a conventional inexpensive cable lock or padlock. Pass the cable helmet lock through the D-ring linked with the straps and tie it with the handlebars.

use of cable lock to secure half helmet

The only fear left from someone is stealing the helmet after cutting the straps, but chopped straps make the helmet useless to the thief.

Can a helmet lock be used to lock multiple helmets?

You can use the same lock for multiple helmets. As long as they’re the same size and shape and made by the same company, then they’ll work just fine together.

Can a helmet lock be used to lock multiple helmets

However, if you plan to use them for other purposes, such as carrying gear, you should check to make sure you get the right fit. You could always try them out first before going through the trouble of buying an extra high quality lock. It’s not necessary to buy another helmet if you already own one. 

How can you carry your bike helmet when off the bike? 

You can hold the helmet in your hand, but this approach is not good when leaving the bike in the parking lot to visit a store. It will not be easy to pick up things in the store if you have to hold a helmet in one hand.

carry your bike helmet when off the bike

The best way to carry a helmet is to use a helmet backpack, and it has many advantages. The helmet bag is very convenient to take with you—no need to keep sticking your hand with the half face helmet or full face helmet while shopping. 

You can also put all kinds of stuff inside the helmet bag. For example, you can put your wallet, keys, phone, etc., into the helmet bag.

If you don’t have a helmet backpack, you can use a shoulder bag to put the helmet inside the bag.

But one thing to keep in mind is that it won’t be easy to carry a large helmet if you have a small shoulder bag instead of a helmet backpack. Read our best tips on how to attach motorcycle helmet to backpack.

Why should you never put your motorcycle helmet near the ground?

When off bike, putting your helmet on the ground to secure it with a cable or chain lock is actually one of the worst things you can do.

Your helmet needs to remain without laceration on its surface to look fantastic, and it needs to remain dry and free of bugs. If the helmet is kept on the ground, insects, ants, and mosquitoes will be able to accumulate inside the helmet padding.

Accidental rubbing on the ground can cause scratches on the helmet and its visor—no need to worry if your helmet or visor is scratched. Learn how to clean a helmet visor.

Conclusion: How to lock helmet to motorcycle?

In conclusion, I hope you find the lock that suits your needs. Remember that if your motorcycle has a built-in lock for a helmet, you don’t have to buy a separate lock. 

If your bike doesn’t have a built-in lock, then go for the best motorcycle helmet lock that’s appropriate for the type and level of security you need.

However, to summarize, how to lock your helmet to your motorcycle? I suggest that you buy a cable lock to keep your helmet securely with your motorcycle frame.

A cable lock can be either a key lock or a numeric combination lock, and you can buy a cable lock with the extended length of cable as it is available with cables of different lengths. 

Using a cable lock, you can stick your helmet with seat, the frame of your bike or any stationary post or a tree. 


Which lock is best for helmets?

A combination lock or a cable lock is commonly used for securing helmets.

Where do bikers put their helmets?

Bikers often hang their helmets on the handlebars, attach them to the motorcycle using a helmet lock, or store them in a helmet bag.

How do you lock a ratchet helmet?

Ratchet helmets usually do not have a locking mechanism. However, you can use a strap extender, a metal strip, works in conjunction with the quick-release chin strap and enables you to lock your helmet effectively.