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Pros and cons of wearing a Helmet on a Motorcycle

Many people are concerned about the pros and cons of wearing a helmet on a motorcycle. Here is an assessment that executes a comparison between “what are the risks when you choose to wear helmets” and “the risks when you choose not to wear a helmet.”

Many people wear bike helmets for protection and comfort. But some disagree with this so strongly that they refuse to wear a compulsory helmet at all. 

Why would they do this? How could they put their lives in harm’s way and risk being seriously injured or death? This is a world where people have to be careful and make decisions that are right for them. 

However, there are some essential things to consider to conclude. I’ll try to look at both sides of the issue in this article. 

Motorcyclist’s Arguments not to Wear Helmet

“Inside my helmet, I don’t feel 100% confident and comfortable that I’d be able to handle a less than a smooth ride. There’s a lot of weight on my head, and I’m worried I don’t have the neck strength to keep my head from bobbing around. I’m also nervous about how I look, not to mention how uncomfortable it’s going to be for my hair and skin”.

Cons of wearing a helmet.

There is overwhelming evidence that helmets save lives, but some cyclist still believe they are unnecessary and a waste of time. There is no shortage of opinions from both sides.

The topic, pros and cons of wearing a helmet on a motorcycle, is divided into two sections as each section requires an extensive vocabulary to cover both sides’ opinions.

The first part examines the opinions of those who describe the cons of using a helmet, and the second part examines the reasons to wear a helmet on a motorcycle

Is wearing a helmet good?

Let’s see how do some people justify not wearing the helmet.

Nasty and awful look

Some people believe that wearing a helmet makes them appear “unmanly.” This belief stems from the idea that if you wear helmets it will make you look like a robot.

Wearing a helmet indeed gives you a very different appearance. But if you are wondering about the aesthetics, Choosing between a matte or glossy helmet may influence whether you look more like a superhero than a biker or cyclist.

You can also customize the appearance of your helmet by adding some accessories like cat ears or you can buy a Cat Ear Motorcycle Helmet for a truly unique look.

Taking Care of Helmet

taking care of helmet when off bike

Some drivers refuse to wear motorcycle helmets because they find it a daunting task to take care of the helmet.

Helmets need to be replaced every three to four years, and just like shoes and clothing, different parts of helmets become fatigued and lose their protective characteristics when you wear a helmet regularly.

Safety is the top concern, so it’s important to know how do motorcycle helmets go bad and how a rider can lengthen the life of his helmet?

Visibility isn’t as good as without a helmet

When you’re riding a motorcycle, you need to pay attention to everything around you. A motorcycle helmet reduces your visibility by limiting your field of view, and it makes you more vulnerable to accidents because you cannot see what’s happening behind you.

Easier to hear without a headgear 

If you are wearing a motorcycle helmet, you won’t be able to hear what’s happening around you. In addition, if someone is talking to you while you’re riding, you won’t be aware of his conversation unless he shouts directly into your ear.

Easy to scratch an itch without a helmet

When riding a motorcycle, you might get an itch somewhere on your head, and you cannot easily scratch it because the helmet restricts your movements. If you need to scratch your head, you will first remove the helmet.

Helmet limits Head Movement

The most common reason people say no to motorcycle helmets is that they think they cannot move their heads freely.

You can’t remove the helmet quickly to answer the call

People who say no to helmets often complain that they cannot remove their helmets quickly to answer a phone call. Some cyclist even blames that they cannot talk or message on the phone with a helmet.

Without removing your motorcycle helmet, you can use a built-in Bluetooth headset or a speakerphone to attend a phone call. 

Helmet is a weight on the head

Many cyclist dislike wearing a helmet because they feel that it adds extra weight to their heads. When wearing a helmet, you feel heavier than usual, and a slight jerk to the body can cause neck injuries.

Helmets cause ear pain

Another justification motorcycle riders offer is that you may feel uncomfortable wearing a helmet, and your ears become sore due to the pressure of the helmet’s padding.

The severity of the pain may impair your control over the bike, and you may have an accident on the road.

Helmet Causes Sweating

Helmet cause sweatingAnother reason not to wear a helmet is stated by the cyclist to be that in summer, the helmet causes an increase in heat intensity. Sweat starts flowing from the top of the head and enters the mouth and eyes.

This can irritate and affect the rider’s comfort level when riding in hot weather.

Helmet can be stolen

Few people argue that helmets are easy targets for thieves, and they think that criminals steal helmets from parked motorcycles simply because they look fantastic.

They want to avoid the hassle of locking the motorcycle helmet. They are reluctant to carry anything hefty, like helmets, whenever they are off the bike.

But locking the helmet is not a problem. You can find here many convenient ways to secure your motorcycle helmet to your bike.

Helmet Messes with Hairstyle

Few motorcycle riders say that it is impossible to ride a motorcycle while wearing a helmet. They think that motorcycle helmets prevent them from styling their hair.

Helmet Cause Hair Fall

A theory about hair fall is that a helmet doesn’t allow the scalp to breathe appropriately, and it is hard to keep the hair healthy. 

In addition, the helmet covers the part of the skull where hair grows. It means that the hair will fall out faster due to the lack of air. 

Are you required to wear a helmet on a motorcycle?

It should not be a choice as most cyclists and motorcyclists have believed.

Helmets have been considered one of the mandatory equipment for a motorcyclist to avoid head injury.

A helmet helps to protect the motorcyclist from a severe head injury. Still, some motorcyclists either don’t wear helmets or the ones that don’t wear them the way they should.

Helmet protects the rider from brain injuries

This is because most of them don’t know how to wear them or believe the protection they offer is not enough.

A helmet is an essential accessory that a rider should carry with him. The helmet is considered to be a lifesaver whose sole purpose is to save the rider from getting traumatic brain injury in any incidence of a road crash.

The people give weak and unsustainable disadvantages of wearing helmet. Read the article reasons to wear a helmet on a motorcycle to know how helmet make people safe from brain injuries. After reading all these reasons you will be capable to convince the motorcyclists on riding with helmet.

Helmet use while driving is also essential, like other safety gear such as safety belts and seat belts.

When should you wear a motorcycle helmet? 

The answer is whether you plan to ride slow or you plan to ride short, always wear a helmet to avoid a motorcycle accident. Whether cold or hot, do not ride on a motorcycle without wearing a helmet.

Motorcycle accidents can occur anytime, and crash helmet protects the riders when they hit the road or a vehicle.

Riders who don’t obey mandatory Helmet Laws?

We can all agree that wearing of helmets save lives, but what about those who can’t or won’t wear one? They don’t know the pros and cons of motorcycle helmet laws.

There are a lot of myths about compulsory helmet laws, including some that aren’t true, but almost all states require bike users to obey the mandatory helmet law to reduce brain injuries.

Some states have no helmet use laws, while others require riders to use helmets. There are also different motorcycle helmet laws in different States, with not all laws covering all riders.

However, in all the states, a mandatory helmet law is typically enforced to reduce the effects of head injuries sustained in crashes.

Therefore, every rider must abide by these rules whether he likes to wear a helmet or not to protect themselves from severe head injuries.

Conclusion: Pros and cons of wearing a helmet on a motorcycle

If you’re a motorcyclist and want to take advantage of the thrill and excitement of riding without the risks, you should wear a helmet because the benefits of helmet use are more credible than the arguments put forward by some non-helmet wearers. 

The frequent arguments against helmets revolve primarily around the weight and inconvenience. 

Settle out the downsides by choosing an appropriate helmet according to your head size. 


Why do people do not wear helmets?

The reason given by most people is that wearing helmets makes them look uncool, and they’re also uncomfortable because the helmet’s impact-absorbing features make them feel uncomfortable. 

Wearing helmets does not make you look uncool, and in fact, it makes you appear more fashionable than not to be wearing a helmet.

 Does wearing a helmet cause dandruff?

There is a lot of heat inside the helmet in summer, which causes excessive sweating. Helmet padding absorbs the most sweating. The sweat ingested daily dries out in the helmet padding and produces germs. 

These germs build up dead skin cells and irritate your scalp. Wearing a helmet by motorcyclist and cyclist for a long time increases irritation. 

It is best to remove the helmet and wipe away the sweat after every ride. Wash the helmet padding regularly. It is best practice to replace your helmet every three years.

Does wearing a helmet prevent concussions?

Helmets effectively protect against head impacts caused by collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians, animals, etc., but they are ineffective in preventing concussive forces. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that can occur from a direct or indirect impact on the head and may be associated with loss of consciousness (LOC). 

However, few modern helmet brands offer MIPS technology in their helmets which protects the brain from rotational force in any direction up to 15mm.

Does wearing a helmet cause pain in the ears?

Yes. A helmet can cause pain in the ears if you wear a wrong size helmet smaller than your head size. The padding of the helmet will establish pressure on your ears. 

The stress will compel the padding to shear your both ears. Make sure you have enough room in your helmet to accommodate your ears.

Your helmet should fit snugly around your head so that it doesn’t slip off during riding. Also, ensure that your chin strap fits appropriately. 

Does wearing a helmet cause hair loss?

No, hair loss is not caused by wearing a helmet. Helmets help protect your hair from damage by stabilizing it and blocking out harmful UV rays.  

After a long ride, you may get some hair from the helmet’s padding. But that doesn’t mean the helmet will make you bald anytime soon.

However, studies affirm that Wearing a helmet, hat, or tight ponytail for a long time may damage a few hairs because of the constant friction against your hair. The hair loss due to friction or pulling force is published as Traction Alopecia by medical professionals.

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